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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  July 10, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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we'll see you then. special report dock up next. high stakes political algebra over obamacare. the calculations and the risks. for both sides. this is special report. good evening. lawmakers on both sides of the aisle will acknowledge it's been a bad week for obamacare. and it's only wednesday. republicans are eager to characterize the troubles as death by 1,000 cuts. democrats say there are delays and changes that can be dealt with. but the mouptsing delays and digressions from the letter of the law of the president's signature health care plan are giving gop lawmakers an opening
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to try to scuttle the entire thing. and blame it on those self-inflicted wounds. we have fox team coverage tonight. wendell will tell us how the obama team is trying to sell its latest strategy, but we again with republicans trying to keep that from happening. >> several republican senators argued today if the administration is going to delay the employer mandate, it should also delay the mandate on individuals who may depend on employers for their insurance. >> it's past time the president acknowledges the burden placed on every day american, middle class families, and those who are already struggling to make it in the sluggish economy. >> we need to extend that delay for individuals. >> permanently some argue. one republican says they pushed painful part of the law past the elects. >> why not let people know about it before the election, not after. >> another senator noted the
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president delayed the pain of the prior mandate which some fear will cost jobs while keeping the candy in the law, new benefits to individuals. >> kind of hang the benefits out there to try and get people really addicted to the good things that they think are in the bill. >> the house hearing today also questioned the administration's recent actions including the way it was quietly released. >> late before a holiday weekend, the administration on a blog post essentially whispers it's not working. oops. this is a mess. >> a democratic supporter conceded he might have handled recent changes differently. >> i might have preferred a different approach, but it's in the my job to speculate on best practices for the white house. sgle added that it is better to delay and get it right than rush and get it wrong as he argued most employers already provide insurance in order to get the best workers. >> for 95% of the employers who
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already offer coverage to their employees, we have every reason to believe they will continue to do so. >> you cannot deny that obamacare we'll use your term is helping millions of americans. >> meanwhile the administration announced the latest moves to sign people up. >> 1159 health centers across the nation will receive $150 million in grant awards to help enroll uninsured americans in new health coverage options made available by the affordable care act. >> the money for such things of course comes from more than a trillion dollars in new taxes over the next decade. including a new one on insurance premiums. >> jim, thank you. the administration is taking the health care fight to its critics. wendell has that part of the story tonight. >> reporter: forced to defend the president's decision to delay obamacare's employer mandate, the white house attacked the people challenging the decision.
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>> people who suggest that there is anything unusual about the delaying of the deadline and the implementation of a complex law is r. deliberately sticking their hands in the sand. >> reporter: technically administration officials say the treasury department has the authority to order the delay. but obama care critics feel there should be another consideration. >> the key issue in front of us is the fairness of postponing this major mandate on businesses, but not postponing it on families and individuals. >> reporter: after dozens of republican led attempts to repeal all or part of the afford able care act, the white house believes republicans are seizing on any opportunity to delay its implementation. the fact that democratic senator tom harkin also opposes delaying the mandate is a complication. harkin is quoted as saying, this was the law. how can they change the law? press secretary jay carney says it's not about harkin. >> i'm asking but a democrat who says you cannot delay that provision of the law.
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>> we're not pretending that this is about a democrat. >> reporter: a small business decision leader declined to weigh in, but said it was welcome. >> we're ill compared as a general rule to delay, postpone, or even cancel. in this case, small business people, small business owners, certainly are receptive to the delay. >> reporter: but obamacare critics say even though the delay buys time, the only real cure for the law's problems is repeal and if they can't get satisfaction in a court of law, they will try the court of public opinion. >> if the president can selectively enforce a provision under obamacare, what's to say that he can't selectively enforce or not enforce that provision on bore exercise security and immigration package. >> with any lack of any better term, that makes him a ruler. he's not a president. he's a ruler. >> house speaker john boehner says mr. obama can count on another house vote to try to repeal the individual mandate.
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folks here say it will have about as much impact as the other repeal votes. >> wendell, thank you. the u.s. is signaling patience if not acceptance of the situation in egypt. after threats of more violence, egypt's new leaders are going after top members of the muslim brotherhood tonight. senior foreign affairs correspondent speaking an eye on things in cairo. >> reporter: the sit-in by supporters of morsi outside a mosque in cairo continues to grow. this as the military backed interim crack down intensified. arrest warrants were issued including the brotherhood spiritual leader. it's claimed they incited violence. including clashes between pro morsi protesters and the military monday which left over 50 dead. others are already detained. including president morsi himself. authorities say he's being held for his own safety. and the country's. activists demand his
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reinstatement and say they won't back down. everyone if they arrest a even if they arrest all the group members this man says, we will sacrifice ourselves. the transition government including the newly named prime minister work to complete its cabinet. >> it will have all the political movements including the islamists on board for a new inclusive constitution. >> reporter: instead the muslim brotherhood has rejected cooperation with the military backed government. and even reformers and other islamists assumhave been critic some plans. the white house says it is still evaluating whether what the military did in egypt was a coup. u.s. military aid continues. four more f-16 fighter jets are set to be delivered to cairo soon. authorities are hoping that the muslim holy month of ramadan which began wednesday will tamp
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down activists urge to fight on. and even that didn't seem lik y likely. islamists are using ramadan to infuse their cause with religious zeal. big new protests planned for friday. >> greg, thank you. joining us now for some perspective, the former chief of staff and member of political office of the free egyptians party. he's connected to the opposition on the ground trying now to form a new government. he's currently senior political analyst at the institute for middle east policy here in washington. welcome. >> thank you. >> you just heard greg's piece. there is a focus here especially about whether this was a coup or not. i know you don't characterize it that way. why? >> well, i think the question of whether it's a coup or not is it not the right question to ask. it's important to frame the issue. for a lot of people here in the u.s., some of these events
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happened all of a sudden. but in reality, they did not happen in a vacuum. what happened is that for the past year, there has been opposition has been calling on the brotherhood to be more inclusive and there have been a lot of haveviolations that led these protests. the june 30th protests, we can see that backtrack two months before that and see that there has been possessions being signed by over 22 million egyptians requesting morsi to step down or at least hold early elections. so in a sense that this has been backed up by the people. there are a lot of egyptians that have been disenfranchised and pushed out of the political process. >> looking at the violence,-out than 50 killed, brotherhood spokesperson said this today, that the charges against the brotherhood as they're being rounded up here are, quote,
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nothing more than an attempt by the police state to dismantle the protests. what can we do in a place state when the police force are criminals. investigators are the fabricators.criminals. investigators are the fabricators.when the police for criminals. investigators are the fabricators. >> once response is that more city himself has been praising the police force until maybe 48 hours before this all took place. the reality of the matter is that the incidents that happened were tragic. obviously we deplore any loss of civilian life. but for the first time actually we're seeing that some of the protesters were armed. the military produced evidence on the videotape that some of the protesters, not all of them. so i think we need to investigate this situation further. that's not to say that the military has not made mistake in the past. it has. however, this particular situation, we need to investigate further. >> what is the status of the interim government set up and how long do you think it will take for egypt to get to the
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next set of elections? because that's a big question here and around the world. >> i think everybody that is involved in the process right now wants to get through the process as fast as possible. but we need to set our expectations here at least in d.c.. egypt is passing flew grthroughg pains of democracy. and i believe the current government is trying to reach consensus between different facts, whether islamists or secular s or socialists, it wil take a few days to set the government up. >> in the protests that happened, there were signs and pictures of the u.s. ambassador to egypt ann patterson with an x through her. she gave a speech a couple of weeks before the protests in which she said some say that street action will produce better results than elections, to be honest my government and i are deeply skeptical. is that why there is such a push back on ann patterson? >> i think if you read the rest
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of the speech, there are even more infuriating lines for egyptians. i think ambassador patterson probably misspoke in some capacity. coupled with some of her actions with regards to meeting with brotherhood leadership that are not members of government, all that combined did not just tick off the opposition, but rather the average egyptian man. >> so the average egyptian about how the obama administration responded has responded and is responding now? >> i feel the obama administration had the golden opportunity to be a hero in this entire process. but unfortunately, the performances viewed by the average egyptian is viewed as subpar. >> most people are most worried about a possible civil war and that this spirals out of control. from people you've talked to on the ground, is that possible? >> i think the speculation about a civil war are a bit exagger e
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exaggerat exaggerated. but we do know to know here and that also addresses the address of some of the brotherhood leadership is that there were calls for violence by some affiliates of the morsi regime. and i feel that definitely that military had to intervene in that capacity. i mean, without intervention, you could have seen wide range violence. that is being curbed in some capacity now because of the intervention. >> okay. thank you very much to your time. >> my pleasure. still ahead, turning the tables on the tax man. and up next, the defense rests without calling george zimmerman to the stand. when you experience something great, you want to share it. with everyone. that's why more customers recommend verizon, america's largest 4g lte network.
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>> were the injuries on mr. zimmerman's back of his head consistent with someone doing this? >> reporter: the zimmerman jury standing up in the courtroom for a better look as attorneys took turns straddling a gray stuffed mannequ mannequin. that's how zichl claims it all went down last year, with him on the bottom and trayvon martin on top ultimately forcing zimmerman to fire his weapon in self-defense. with defense expert and former cop dennis root on the stand, prosecutor cast doubt that zimmerman could everyone reach his gun if martin was straddling him. >> if this mannequin were carrying a firearm on their waist, where would the gun be in relation to me? >> would be at your left inner thigh. >> reporter: zimmerman's defense team used the witness to back up earlier testimony that zimmerman, 28 at the time he shot and killed 17-year-old martin, was by far not in
3:18 pm
fighting shape. two major rulings by the judge today for the state, the defense cannot enter as evidence a computer animation depicting the final fatal altercation. and photos of pot and a happened gun found in martin's phone and texts about fighting are also not admissible as the defense can't absolutely rule out someone other than martin took and sent those. the final witness calmed by the defense, robert zimmerman senior, the defendant's father, who identified that voice screaming on the 911 call. >> absolutely it's my son, george. >> reporter: with that, zimmerman's defense rested its case prompting judge nelson to offer zimmerman his constitutional right to take the stand. >> and what is your decision, sir? >> after consulting with counsel, not to testify, your honor. >> reporter: the schedule from here, 1:00 tom afternoon, prosecutors will spend three hours providing their closing arguments for the jury. then friday morning, another three hours will be taken by the
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defense on their closing arguments. and by friday afternoon, this jury will begin deliberating its verdict. >> down docountdown is on. the defense for manning has rested its case. he's fighting charges that he aided the enemy by giving classified information to the wikileaks website. dzhokhar tsarnaev made his first court appearance this afternoon. he pleaded not guilty to 30 counts from the attack that left three people dead and more than 260 injured. prosecutors say he acted with his now deceased older brother. congressional lawmakers are trying to come up with a list of lessons learned boston bombing and some other attacks, former new york mayor rudy giuliani told lawmakers america must stop engapging in the fiction that the ft. hood shootings were workplace violence, not terrorism. witnesses are also discussing whether political correctness
3:20 pm
has a paralyzing effect on law enforcement. a spokesman for the fbi says a witness was not september to testify at the hearing because of the boston bombing suspect's kour appearance. still ahead, saving money with the irs and blowing it in afghanistan. first, a heavy weight confrontation. the district of columbia versus walmart. hey, buddy? oh, hey, flo. you want to see something cool? snapshot, from progressive. my insurance company told me not to talk to people like you. you always do what they tell you?
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house republican leadership says it will not take up the senate's version of immigration reform. that bill calls for a path to citizenship. gop lawmakers say they will continue to work on what they call a step by step common sense approach to fixing what has long been a broken system. >> the texas statehouse has
3:24 pm
approved a controversial ban on abortions after 20 week of pregnancy. a final vote could come as early as friday in the state senate where the measure died during a previous special session. planned parenthood has launched a statewide bus campaign against the bill. pro-life supporters are fighting there, as well. it's the nation's capital versus the nation's top retailer here in d.c. poon. city officials in washington want to lay down the law to walmart. walmart is fighting back. >> reporter: for generations, residents of d.c. removed from the more prosperous northwest d.c. have complained to the lack of access to the large chain stores. so when walmart announced intenses to build six store, it was welcomed with open arms. walmart polling showed 73% of residents favored it. d.c. mayor vincent gray called it unprecedented.
3:25 pm
>> he have to convince cal mart to serve as anchor tenant. >> reporter: with three under construction, the city council last may through a wrench into the plans by introducing the large retailer accountability act which requires businesses that do over $1 billion in correspondent sales in spaces of 75,000 square feet or more to pay a super minimum wage of $12.50 an hour. that's $4.25 more than the district's minimum wage. the council made up of 11 democrats and two independents exempted unionized grocery stores from the bill. final approve came this afternoon. >> the big passes 8-5. >> reporter: today's vote left walmart stunned. it had gone out of its way to km date residents concerns with plans to stock local products, involve minority construction firms and create a city wide training program. in an op-ed, it said it will withdraw plans for three stores and passage would also jeopardize the three stores already under construction as we would thoroughly review the
3:26 pm
financial and legal implications of the bill. it means the loss of 1800 future jobs. >> we have one of the highest unemployment rates and this ensures us that large job providers like large retail will no longer locate especially in the neighborhoods that need amenities. >> reporter: supporters say the loss can be easily filled because d.c.'s thriving economy appeals to other retailers. >> before we wanted what they had. but now they want what we have. we have in the seat of power. we are bargaining from a position of strength. >> today's 8-5 tally is one vote short of being veto proof. mayor gray who helped lure walmart to d.c. yesterday called a preliminary vote for the bill immensely discouraging, an indication that a veto may be forthcoming. >> thank you. bob mcdonnell reportedly did not disclose $70,000 in gifts.
3:27 pm
the "washington post" says the donor gave double that to the governor and his family. mcdonnell associates say he views the payments as loans, not gifts. he insists he has complied with all legally mandated disclosures. we'll have more on this story tomorrow. no grapevine tonight so we can make you really mad. a multimillion-dollar white elephant that you paid for in afghanistan. [ dog barks ] i want to treat mo dogs. ♪ our business needs more cases. [ male announcer ] where do you want to take your business? i need help selling art. [ male announcer ] from broadband to web hosting to mobile apps, small business solutions from at&t have the security you need to get you there. call us. we can show you how at&t solutions can help you do what you do... even better. ♪
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most people don't really take the time to analyze their paychecks. to look at exactly how much money the go. is really taking out. instead, folks usually focus on the bottom line. their take home pay. while some of it might be going to health and retirement benefits, the bulk of the withdrawals are federal and state taxes. now a scandal plagued irs could soon face its own pay cut. house republicans are trying to slash funding for the tax man. and in tonight's edition of it's all your money, karl cameron tells us even if it doesn't work, the gop could still come out a winner. >> reporter: the irs busted by its inspector general for m misconduct now faces the wrath of congress. >> i think we all agree that the inspector general's report on wasteful conference spending and subjecting some americans to
3:32 pm
additional scrutiny because of their political beliefs is outrageous and it's unacceptable behavior. >> reporter: house republicans want to slash this year's irs budget by 24% for next year to send a tough message. but top democrats on the house spending committee say it's counterproductive to cut funds for the agency that collects tax dollars to run the entire government. >> what do we want to do, go around and give people a continue cup and collect money to pay for our police, our firefighters, our government, our capitol building? >> i share the majority's outrage over these improper practices. but a multibillion-dollar cut to the agency will do nothing to solve these problems. >> reporter: the measure was approved by a voice vote and still faces several hurdles in the go perform controlled house. today's committee exercise was about standing on principle and holding the irs accountable for its admitted misconduct. >> accusations of political
3:33 pm
bias, errant release of personal information, contempt for the congress, and egregious waste of taxpayer dollars. otherwise it's working okay. >> reporter: amid all that outrage, acting commissioner has canceled employee bonus this is year. but to lessen that pain, the irs hopes to cancel two furlough days scheduled for employees this summer under the mandatory spending cuts known as sequester. >> thanks. and house oversight and government reform committee chairman dwarl eye a announced late today the full committee will hold another hearing next thursday to address the irs targeting of conservative groups. speaking of big money, a lot of yours has gone down the drain. in afghanistan. tonight national security correspondent jennifer griffin tells us about one incredible example. >> reporter: in afghanistan, you don't expect to find elephants, but it seems to be a national happen at that time for the white elephant, a unique beast
3:34 pm
subsidized with u.s. taxpayer dollars. millions of they will. in helmand province, the u.s. military has nearly completed building a building that they were warned they did not need. the facility will likely be torn down baut marines are pulling out and the afghans can't afford it. for one, the 64,000 square foot headquarters was wired with 110 volt appliances. not the 220 volt equipment used by afghans. it would cost more u.s. taxpayer dollars to convert it. the special inspector general for afghanistan is demanding answers from chuck hagel. commanders determined as lerl i as may 2010 that there was no need for the facility get the military still moved ahead. i'm deeply troubled that the military may have spent taxpayer funds on a construction project that should have been stopped.
3:35 pm
the massive operation central rivals that of centcom. it has fancy office equipment, but it will likely have to be torn down. the pentagon says it is investigating. >> certainly investigation needs to be conducted and find out who made the division to do this. but the truth is it doesn't make any sense at that tind we're ow explanation. >> the waste is not unique. the state department spent $80 million on a ten year lease for a u.s. consulate in northern afghanistan that will never be used. >> hard to believe. jennifer, thank you. ben bernanke says the economy has yet to fully recover from the 2008 financial downturn. he says the crisis showed the fed it must strengthen its approach to both regulation and interest rate policies. the dow broke its four day winning streak today following nine. the s&p 500 was up a fraction, the nasdaq gained 16 1/2. investigators are trying to determine whether the plane's
3:36 pm
automated speed control system contributed to saturday's deadly airliner crash in san francisco. two teenagers died in the accident that experts believe occurred after the jet approached the runway too low and too slowly. the head of the national transportation safety board says the korean pilot at the controls was still in training. and his instructor was on his first trip in that role. president obama taking fire from both sides over delays and increasing problems with obamacare. we'll talk about it with the fox all stars when we return. power down your little word game. i think your friends will understand., it's actually my geico app...see? ...i just uh paid my bill. did you really? from the plane? yeah, i can manage my policy, get roadside assistance, pretty much access geico 24/7. sounds a little too good to be true sir. i'll believe that when pigs fly. ok, did she seriously just say that? geico. just a click away with our free mobile app.
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we have a situation where essentially the administration for years has been pumping sunshine. and now what happens? late before a holiday weekend the administration on a blog
3:40 pm
post essentially whispers it's not working. oops. this is a mess. >> it's better for us to delay this and get it right than to rush and get it wrong. >> you know and i know that their concern is not that we delayed implementation of one provision of it, it's that they want to try everything they can to undermine the implementation of this law. >> well, it's not just that. jay carney talking about republicans. a democrat, democratic tom harkin in the "new york times" is quoted assaying this about the delays in obamacare. quote, this was the law. how can they change the law? and in testimony today, the ethics and public policy center had this, the law's requirements are not wiped away by an administrative act. employers are still by law subject to the employer mandate and associated penalties in 2014. whether or not the administration collects them. a blog post or regulation for that matter cannot unto the
3:41 pm
mandate in 2014. that step can only be achieved by another act of congress. let's bring in our panel. nina easton, juan williams and charles. what about the changes that are happening, the white house says technically the treasury department has the authority to order these delays. but there is push back. >> this started the rumblings last week. and it's beginning to look like the health care law is this big huge strong and inevitable beast but suddenly starts coughing and 12u78 blink of its own accord and the guys on the ground with the bows and arrows suddenly feel like they have a chance. so you have the individual mandate, people calling for a repeal of the individual mandate, i'm soerrry, pushing i back and then not just pushing back the businessman date, but changing it. you've got congressman paul ryan
3:42 pm
head of the house budget committee saying let's have a whole new look at the costs entailed of any of this. you have people raising questions about what the revenue effects of postponing the businessman date is going to be. and then you have this latest question, does the administration even have the legal authority to push it back. so i think there is all sorts of problems coming out. in the end i have to say i don't see any of it becoming fatal. i think at the end of the day it's a political problem, it's what happens when you pass a partisan law, very partisan divisive law to retool a 7th of the economy. there is no goodwill when the beast stumbles. >> we heard jay carney saying republicans are all about tearing this thing down. some republicans actually are saying this push back on the employer mandate is really to just get through the 2014 election. so basically you have the dessert part, the stuff you really like before you have your broccoli and other parts that
3:43 pm
maybe you don't like on the plate. >> sure. and i think that's reasonable criticism because i think it's likely that that was a political consideration for the administration. the why the being that there would be stories in the papers and everywhere about employers who decided, well, maybe i could cut back to fewer employees to get under the 50 limit. that's just a reality. and so i think the politics of it, we're very familiar with, given what we do for a living, aren't realistic. i think that in fact what this is a shot to the body politics, if you will, about politics. the administration tried to sneak this out into the public just before the july 4th holiday. i think that really gave ammunition to all the critics. but it's also, and i think this is more important, a signal that the white house is having some difficulty. they just brought in a new guy, chris jennings, i believe, who was with the clinton administration as their health care director. and he has been working
3:44 pm
independently with a lot of labor groups and he's seen as a good old pro here who can really help to move this along. continue dennis mcdonough is working several hours a day on this issue. and you have of course kathleen sebelius at health and human services.issue. and you have of course kathleen sebelius at health and human services. now you have advertising going on with conservative groups criticizing the administration. liberal groups $1 million. so you see a political fight has broken out. >> charles, but on the substance of the constitutionality of the administration saying it's okay, we have the authority to disregard the law as passed by congress -- >> it has no such authority. it's clearly lawless. it's undoubtedly unconstitutional. the constitution is a fairly basic tenant is that the
3:45 pm
executive is required to faithfully execute the law, not ignore parts of the laws. bl like dream act. you do that in bolivia, you don't did that in the united states. this is a continuation of the lawlessness. you don't announce it in a blog post. you go congress and say we made a mistake, we want to repeal this provision. and do you it legally. but it doesn't even think of doing that. because if it did, then you'd get the go. saying if we're in the repeal mode, let's at least repeal the individual and perhaps we'll repeal all of it. but the strategy here is to hook americans on the subsidized health insurance. they just announced they will spend a whole lot of money on that. they have suspended in addition the requirements where shall be who gets the subsidized insurance has to prove that he or she is eligible. so that is suspended. it's hook them on the subsidized
3:46 pm
health insurance today. suspend all the stuff that will bring revenue into the government. and then you'll have a system where nobody will reject it in the future. >> what is the republican playbook now? they have had 30 plus 40 repeal votes. >> i think they're kind of moving along day by day. i approached them last week on this question of whether they had the authority to do it and they hadn't even started looking in to it yet. granted it was fourth of july weekend, but so i think that's come to the fore now. and now they're also pushing to as i said repeal the individual mandate. i think they're just -- >> delay. >> well, delay it, that's right. and but also possibly repeal it. i think they're just pushing on all fronts. and i think they're hoping that for instance the congressional budget office will come back with some numbers that really make their case and show that the newspapers don't add up. >> next up, the power struggle
3:47 pm
between washington, d.c. politicians, the city, and walmart. - hugs from beneful baked delights... - [ barks ] are crispy, oven-baked dog snacks with soft savory centers, made with beef and cheese. beneful baked delights: a unique collection of four snacks... to help spark play in your day. when you experience something great, you want to share it. with everyone. that's why more customers recommend verizon, america's largest 4g lte network.
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>> focused on only large retailers. i think that's an important point that is lost. it is not focused just on wal-mart. although, interestingly, of all the large retailers that are affected, wal-mart is the one that has been outspoken. the others much less so or not at all. it's become a wal-mart issue because wal-mart has made it a wal-mart issue. >> this legislation is a development killer. this legislation is a jobs killer. and it's coming true. this, in fact, will destroy those plans. and we have worked long and hard for this measure. if it applied to all retail, which it does not,
3:51 pm
it would make sense. >> bret: dc city council has now thrown a wrench into some plans for three wall matters under construction in washington, d.c. sorely needed according to the people polled by wal-mart, 73% saying wal-mart saying, quote: despite the consensus among d.c. stakeholders about the economic value our stores would bring, some council members are now advancing an 11th hour effort to undermine our efforts and change the way business like wal-mart must operate in the city. the long and short of it, there is this act the large retailer accountability act which requires businesses that size, making that corporate profit it have a super minimum wage of 12.50 per hour. that's 4.50 above the minimum wage. nina, what does this say? it's it not just happening in washington it's happening other places as well. >> it's unions against low income people.
3:52 pm
people who need jobs. unions have been out to get wal-mart for years. and when they first came into this city, it was union-backed occupy wall street protests. they went to the developer's home. they have been out to get wal-mart from the get-go. what did wal-mart do? they came in. they did their due diligence. they got all stakeholders involved, they offered 1800 jobs. six stores. they did a survey to make sure that they would have the groundswell of support. now, at the 11th hour, they already have three stores under construction and, by the way. these are stores, a lot of them in neighborhoods where you don't have much shopping. where you don't have jobs. you don't have -- you certainly don't have the kinds of groceries and affordable products that a wal-mart offers. so, it's a 11th hour. the council comes in and tries to change the game rules. and good for wal-mart for saying "i'm out of here if you do that." >> bret: wal-mart estimates about 1800 future jobs being cut here.
3:53 pm
the bill, by the way, passed d.c. council with 11 democrats, two independence make up the council 8 to 5. juan? >> well, i think that this is a long story. and the story is that for big cities in america, the unions have managed to keep out the wal-marts for many years. wal-mart has basically been out in the rural areas and then lately the suburbs. now, for instance, in the district of columbia, for the first time you are seeing things like cosco and wal-mart going on in georgia avenue, southeast, the picture we just showed which is impoverished neighborhood. what you have here in a sense is oh finally wal-mart is coming. in wal-mart said they decided not to come into cities like the district of columbia because the economy wasn't there. they didn't -- they saw it also as crime-ridden. they changed their mind. they think there is profit to be made here. what the argument is that they are going to lose profit if they have to pay this super minimum wage. well, i think you can't change the rules for one employer. i think that's crazy. that's not fair.
3:54 pm
if there is a rule, if there is a minimum wage, pay the minimum wage. it may be that you think they are exploitative in terms of their employees. i don't know how you change the rules for one person or one employer. >> bret: other thing that's clear the council exempted big grocery stores. >> this is a union fight and it's not new. as i said for years people have aimed their fire at wal-mart and their tactics bringing in goods from overseas and being a nonunion shop. >> bret: charles? >> it clearly is a bill -- excuse me, written entirely to penalize wal-mart because it allows the previous big box stores to go along with their practices. it's almost like a bill of retainer. it's a bill written against one entity which is unconstitutional in the first place. this is a regrasping, unbelievably stupid piece of legislation. these stores would be in the poorest parts of d.c. it would give people access to affordable goods and
3:55 pm
jobs where there is extremely high unemployment. done with extreme goodwill, and this is an attempt to simply sabotage it. other states and localities offering incentives that they beg employers to come in. here is an employer who does due diligence, offers community support, and is essentially being driven out by reactionary liberals on this city council. >> bret: yes or no, wal-mart comes into d.c.? >> the mayor will probably issue a veto. >> not under the current rules because that would be an example for other jurisdictions. >> pulled out of boston and brooklyn on the same issues. and you could expect them to do that there. >> bret: i have lost the whole yes and no battle. that's it for the panel. stay tuned for a way you can get involved with us. definitely gonna throw him off. she's seen it too. oh this could be trouble. [ sentra lock noise ] oh man.
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>> bret: tonight as with most wednesdays we invite you to follow us with "special report" online, half hour program where you
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something new. we will see if it works. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. "special report" online, a special version, starts right now. >> shepard: this is the fox report. tonight, he is accused of murder. and today george zimmerman and judge had a talk. that as now we know jury deliberations are set to start soon. plus, the accused boston marathon bomber face to face with the victims of terrorism. >> my two boys went out, you know, to watch the marathon an april 15th and since then our lives have been turned upside down. >> shepard: the bombing killed innocent people and left some survivors in agony. >> i just think it's disgusting, a cowardly act. >> shepard: now, what happened when dzhokhar tsarnaev went face to face with the people he is